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ProfiBox3D analyzes the flow behavior of filaments

Many users who have already worked with a FFF 3D printer know the following problem. A new filament is ordered and the guide values for processing temperature, have a wide span width. Usually a few sample prints are necessary until the first qualitatively good Object can be taken from the print bed. Experience and above all time are necessary to determine an optimal process.

The “ProfiBase3D” team from the company F & B rapid production GmbH starts an Indiegogo campaign on the 20.02.2017 under the name “ProfiBox3D”. The name stands for a measuring instrument that analyzes the flow behavior of filaments. The material to be examined is thereby heated to a specific temperature and subsequently pressed by a weight, by means of gravity, through a defined nozzle. The required time to convey a certain amount through this nozzle gives a value, the so-called PFI (ProfiBox Flow Index). The company’s preliminary investigations have shown that there can be very great differences depending on the manufacturer. Even the color of the filament can influence the flow behavior. By means of the ProfiBox3D, differences between different filaments are finally quantifiable and then measurable. However, the team goes a step further and allows the customer to get suggestions for the printing process with the measured values ​​on our homepage. A “poking in the fog” with unknown filaments therefore belongs to the past, the nerves of the user are spared and the optimal print quality can be achieved significantly faster.

As a target group for this campaign, the company sees mainly private users of 3D printers. But also as a goods receipt check, e.g. For 3D printing service providers or also for industrial 3D printing applications, the ProfiBox3D is an ideal complement.

“We would like to define a completely new standard here in order to be able to quantify the many filament materials offered,” says Prof. Rene Brunotte, explaining the intension of the project, which he supports as a mentor. The Indigogo project runs for 4 weeks and on the news pages of F & B rapid production GmbH (http://rapidproduction.org/news/) will be regularly updated from 20.02.2017 on the current status.