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Prusa introduces new industrial 3D printer HT90

The Czech 3D printer manufacturer Prusa has officially presented its new industrial 3D printer HT90. The device is characterized by a heated build chamber and support for high-temperature materials.

The HT90 has a cylindrical build chamber with a diameter of 300 mm and a height of 400 mm. A special feature is the active heating of the printing chamber to up to 90°C. This enables the processing of demanding materials such as PEI (Ultem), which are used in the aerospace industry.

Two interchangeable print heads are available. A high-throughput head for temperatures up to 300°C and a high-temperature head for up to 500°C. The latter is suitable for special plastics such as PEEK or PEKK. An innovative cooling system with a quickly adjustable air flap is designed to enable precise overhangs without support structures.

Josef Průša, founder and CEO of Prusa Research, emphasizes the versatility of the HT90: “With this printer, engineers can cover the entire development process – from quick PLA prototypes to end products made from high-performance plastics.”

The printer’s delta kinematics allow critical components to be placed outside the heated area. This is intended to increase service life and reduce printing artifacts. For safety, the HT90 has a HEPA filter for particle filtration.

Prusa offers the HT90 in three operating modes: An offline mode without network connection, a local network mode with print management via the browser and an online variant with connection to the Prusa Connect platform.

An industrial oven for drying filaments and a drying box for storage are available as accessories. Prusa is also announcing its own PEI filament to match the HT90. The printer itself is available from €9,575 excluding VAT in the Prusa store.

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