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Prusa Research expands into the USA: 3D printers and filaments “Made in America”

The Czech 3D printer manufacturer Prusa Research is strengthening its presence in the United States. Two years after acquiring the American company Printed Solid, Prusa has now started to produce 3D printers and filaments directly in the USA.

Josef Průša, founder and CEO of Prusa Research, explains the strategy behind this move. The company wants to improve the availability of its products in one of its most important markets while maintaining its high quality standards. Průša emphasizes that the assembly lines in Delaware are identical to those in Prague – from the workbenches to the testing tools.

The expansion includes three main areas: Assembly, production and repairs. Original Prusa MK4 3D printers are now assembled in Delaware. Printed Solid has also installed new high-speed production lines for Prusament filaments. These use the same extrusion process as in Prague to ensure consistent quality. Finally, the official Prusa repair center in the USA has been expanded.

Průša emphasizes that the company is taking a cautious approach to growth. Instead of hiring many new employees quickly, Prusa focuses on slow but steady growth. This allows new colleagues to be thoroughly trained and quality standards to be maintained.

Prusa currently employs around 30 people in the USA and plans to create more jobs. The company aims to become the largest manufacturer of 3D printers and filaments in the USA within a year.

The expansion into the USA marks an important step in the internationalization of Prusa Research. The company is thus responding to the increasing demand for its products in the North American market and at the same time shortening delivery routes.

For 3D printing enthusiasts in the US, this means potentially shorter delivery times and improved support. Prusa is also planning to involve local American suppliers in production, which could further optimize supply chains.

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