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Prusa3D’s 3D Model repository PrusaPrinters.org becomes Printables.com

Prusa3D launched a community hub named PrusaPrinters.org  in April 2019, which became a popular source of 3D models. Due to some confusion about whether non-Prusa hardware owners can also use the platform, they changed the name to Printables.com.

Printables.com replaces PrusaPrinters.org but keeps its ever-growing library of high-quality 3D models, while some features move over to Prusa3D.com. Prusa3D intends to make the website more open and welcoming to all 3D printer owners and introduce new features such as sign-in options through a Google or Facebook account. There’s already a much more comprehensive range of 3D printers you can select in your profile, not just our machines.

By curating uploaded objects, supporting individual designers, organizing community contests with valuable prizes that motivate creators to develop something new, Prusa wants to achieve a competitive advantage against other comparable platforms.

Link: www.printables.com

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