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PrusaSlicer 2.8.0: New slicer version brings better printer management

3D printing specialist Prusa Research has published the second release candidate of the popular slicer software PrusaSlicer 2.8.0. The new version brings numerous improvements and new functions designed to optimize the workflow.

One of the main innovations is the integration of Prusa Connect. Users can now log in directly to PrusaSlicer with their Prusa account and gain access to a printer management dashboard. The software displays the status of compatible printers and allows G-code to be sent directly to connected devices.

The user interface has been redesigned without changing the basic layout. The top bar now contains larger settings tabs, an integrated search function and the Prusa account login. In 3D preview mode, the sliders have been integrated into the 3D scene, creating more space for the model display.

The G-Code viewer has been made more powerful and can now visualize the actual print speed, taking acceleration and deceleration into account. This enables a more accurate estimation of the printing time. A new feature allows the use of a single outer contour for top and bottom layers. This can improve the visual quality of prints without compromising stability.

The system for updating printer profiles has been revised. Profiles are organized in repositories, which allows for more targeted updates. Updates can also be installed offline via downloadable files. The algorithm for placing seams has been improved to resolve various issues from previous versions. The new implementation promises a more aesthetically pleasing seam placement, especially for simple cylindrical models.

Other new features include support for heated print chambers, material shrinkage compensation and extended command line options for profile selection.

The release candidate can be downloaded free of charge directly from GitHub. All updates are also listed there.

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