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PWR and Eplus3D: Innovative cooling solutions through metal 3D printing

The Australian heat exchanger specialist PWR Advanced Cooling Technology relies on 3D printing technology from Eplus3D. This collaboration enables the production of complex cooling systems for the motorsport and aviation industries.

PWR, with headquarters on the Gold Coast and other locations in the USA and the UK, specializes in highly complex, customer-specific heat exchangers. To strengthen its market position, the company is now integrating 3D printing into its manufacturing processes.

When it came to selecting a suitable 3D printing partner, Eplus3D came out on top against several competitors. Toby Maconachie, additive manufacturing engineer at PWR, explains the decision: “Eplus3D was not only the quickest to deliver a test part, but also impressed with its quality. The part passed pressure and leak tests and had an excellent surface finish.”

One focus of the collaboration is the processing of the aluminum alloy Aheadd CP1. This material, which was specially developed for 3D printing, contains no volatile elements, rare earths or silicon. In tests, the printed parts achieved an average density of 99.93 percent. The FIA has approved Aheadd CP1 for use in Formula 1 from the 2024 season.

According to the companies, the 3D printing solution from Eplus3D is characterized by high efficiency and low resource consumption. This enables PWR to implement complex customer requirements quickly and cost-effectively. PWR sees great potential for the use of 3D-printed components, particularly in the field of electronics cooling for the aerospace industry.

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