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Raise3D announces Hyper FFF Technology for Pro2 Series 3D Printers

Raise3D, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers and printing solutions, announces the introduction of Hyper FFF technology for the Raise3Pro2 Series printers. The Pro2 Series was Raise3D’s flagship printer until the end of 2020 and has a large customer base in the professional segment.

In November 2022, Raise3D launched Hyper FFF technology, which was developed from the Klipper open source project. The technology offers a higher yield rate for FFF 3D printing without compromising the quality of the printed parts. Raise3D first introduced an upgrade for the Pro3 series, but plans to extend the benefits of Hyper FFF across its portfolio.

Raise3D is providing the first level (L1) of Hyper FFF free of charge to Pro2 series users. Customers can sign up for the Hyper Speed Open trial and test the L1 Hyper Speed on their Pro2 Series 3D printer. The Open-Test period is open to all customers who want to participate, share their feedback with Raise3D and benefit from Hyper FFF.

During the Open-Test period, Raise3D aims to identify and correct minor bugs. Open-test participants may encounter some bugs, but there is no need to worry about negative hardware impact.

The upgrade will support seven filaments, including Hyper Speed ABS, Hyper Speed PLA, Premium ABS, Premium PLA, Premium PETG, Premium ASA and Premium PC. Each filament will come with two sets of print templates, and the upgrade will support 0.4mm diameter nozzles.

With the introduction of Hyper FFF for the Pro2 series, Raise3D will make this breakthrough technology available for the Pro3 and Pro2 series. In Q2’23, Raise3D plans to launch an open test for L1 Hyper FFF for E2 and E2CF printers, which will also be made available for free later on.

Find out more about Raise3D at raise3d.com.

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