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Raise3D introduces new Pro3 HS high-speed 3D printer

3D printing manufacturer Raise3D has introduced a new printer series for industrial use. The Pro3 HS is specially designed for printing large components made of composite materials such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastics and enables very high printing speeds.

Compared to conventional FDM printers, the Pro3 HS has more powerful extruders with higher flow rates and optimized heat dissipation. The maximum printing speed is 300 mm/s with special composite filaments such as the new “Hyper Core”.

According to Raise3D, the series is characterized by numerous technical improvements. For example, stepper motor-controlled axes with closed-loop control are used, which ensure precise movement of the slides. The heating bed has a stronger contact force and heats up faster.

Other new features include an extended installation space and space-saving material boxes for 2.5 kg spools, which enable uninterrupted material changes. For the launch, Raise3D is offering new Hyper Core composite filaments in carbon and glass fiber variants.

The Pro3 HS was tested in a beta phase at the electric mobility start-up Droog Moto. The high print quality with the new filaments and the surface quality of the components were particularly impressive. All in all, Raise3D promises significantly increased productivity in the production of large composite components thanks to the higher speed limit and numerous technical improvements.

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