Home Industry Rapidproto labs installs first EOS P396 in Tamil Nadu, India

Rapidproto labs installs first EOS P396 in Tamil Nadu, India

Rapidproto labs, an emerging and fast-growing Additive Manufacturing service provider from Tamil Nadu, India has recently added EOS P396 a polymer-based Selective Laser System offering a full range of digital manufacturing solutions.

Rapidproto Labs Private Limited (Formally Rapid 3D Technologies) provides end-to-end digital manufacturing solutions that leverage Additive manufacturing, 3D Scanning & Reverse engineering to reduce the product development cycle, enhance prototyping capabilities, improve production efficiency and maximize supply chain flexibility for its customers.

Rapidproto labs caters for the various needs of the customer initially through a fleet of Industrial grade FDM and SLA 3d printers. With the addition of the first EOS SLS 3D printer in Tamilnadu, Rapidproto labs plans to serve the growing needs of functional prototyping and low volume production from customers.

Its large build volume of 340 x 340 x 600 mm and the nesting & stacking options for multiple parts allow the production of batch volumes of 100 to 200 parts within 1-2 days. Rapidproto labs plans to open up multiple materials options and add post-processing techniques in the coming months.

(c) Picture & link: www.rapid3d.co.in

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