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Recent Watermark 3D update now protects colored 3D files

With the recent update, Watermark 3D is now compatible with colored 3D files. That adds 3 new formats that can be watermarked – OBJ, GLB, and DAE/Collada (to a still supported STL). The update is currently in testing as models with color information are trickier, so the company welcomes users to give feedback.

There are millions of 3D files shared online, and the number grows every day. 3D models are the backbone of games, art, cartoons, commercials, jewelry making, and many more. However, like many creative properties, 3D models are subject to theft, unauthorized commercial use, or copy. Lots of authors face the issue of their files being stolen even from platforms with restricted access and then used without permission.

A while ago, the company came up with Watermark 3D – a solution that places a watermark on a 3D file. The mark is hidden and doesn’t interfere with the file’s geometry and mesh. It allows creators to sign their models and also check the files for the presence of any existing signatures. Upon the demand, they have renovated their tool to work on files with color information, and now support OBJ, GLB, and DAE/Collada formats on top of STL.

The tool is free for personal use with 10 watermarks per day limit, while companies can purchase a commercial subscription. For more information, visit www.watermark3d.com.

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