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Refilament – 3D Printing with Recycled Car Dashboards

With their mission to reduce plastic waste, Dutch startup Refil launched a fully recycled 3D printer filament made from old car dashboards and PET bottles.

Using our refilament, instead of ordinary filament, you instantly make everything you print recycled. From vases, toys and jewelry to architectural models, prosthetics and other products… They all become recycled products when you print them with refilament.” Casper van der Meer, co-founder Refil explains.

Refilament is a fully recycled 3D printer filament available in two colours and diameters. The production process starts with collecting old car dashboards and PET bottles, which are then thoroughly cleaned and shredded into tiny plastic flakes. These flakes are filtered from all contaminants, melted and extruded into clean 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameter strings before being winded onto recycled cardboard spools.


Dashboard Black refilament: 100% made from old car dashboards, door panels and other ABS parts (mainly coming from Audis and Volvos); printing temperature between 220 and 240°C

PET Translucent refilament: made from old PET bottles, up to 90% recycled; printing temperature between 240 and 260°C


Spools carrying 750 g of refilament are available for € 32 (ABS) and € 40 (PET) through refil’s webshop.

“Our first refilaments are made from old car dashboards and PET bottles. We believe that these kind of recycled filaments should be the new standard in 3D printing. Why make more plastic when there’s so much plastic we can reuse?” Jonas Martens, co-founder Refil adds.

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