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Renault relies on post-processing technology from AM Solutions

At the end of 2022, Renault Flins invested in the new S1 system from AM Solutions – 3D Post Processing Technology to integrate automatic cleaning of powder-based polymer components into its production process. This investment strengthens the French car manufacturer’s 3D printing capabilities and demonstrates Renault’s commitment to advanced manufacturing technologies.

Renault operates an extensive 3D printing center in Flins, near Paris, with a surface area of 500 square meters and 18 polymer 3D printers. In addition to the production of prototypes and production aids, the department also manufactures series parts for internal requirements and external customers. A special post-processing area, equipped with the S1 system and a coloring solution, provides the necessary surface finish for the printed parts.

Additive manufacturing has been an integral part of Renault’s production strategy for over 20 years. Starting with laser cladding, Renault has continuously expanded the use of additive manufacturing technologies. In 2020, Renault Flins launched the “Refactory” project, which focuses on the areas of retrofit, reenergy, recycling and restart. The aim is to extend the service life of vehicles and recycle vehicle parts.

The head of the AM department at Renault’s Flins site, Mélanie Chevé, explains: “Industrial 3D printing must deliver absolutely reliable and reproducible results that are convincing in terms of high quality and cost efficiency.”

Previously, many post-processing steps at Renault were carried out manually, which led to inconsistent results and took a lot of time. With the purchase of the S1 system from AM Solutions, Renault was able to overcome these problems. The S1 was designed to reduce processing time and improve the durability and visual appearance of the colored parts. The system automatically cleans the printed MJF PA 12 parts and prepares them for the coloring process.

The S1 is characterized by its ability to not only clean workpieces, but also to create a perfect surface finish. This is achieved in a single process step through the continuous rotation of the workpieces during the cleaning process. The ergonomic design and optimum arrangement of the blasting nozzles ensure consistent, reproducible results. Thanks to its compact and robust design, the S1 can be easily integrated into any production line and offers maximum reproducibility, traceability and cost efficiency.

Nicolas Blondel, head of the 3D printing team at the Renault plant in Flins, said: “The ability to operate the S1 with different blasting programs and recipes as well as different blasting media was ultimately the decisive factor in our decision to invest in this machine for our existing post processing challenges.” And the final conclusion is also consistently positive: “A big thank you for the support from Rösler and AM Solutions during the installation, commissioning and test phase. In addition to optimum machine performance, this support also guaranteed excellent machining results.”

This investment in AM Solutions’ S1 technology enables Renault to further increase the efficiency and quality of its 3D printing processes and prepare for future challenges in additive manufacturing.

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