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Research centre in Ireland is working on 3D printed muscles and other medical breakthroughs

The Cúram research centre in Ireland may be one of the most important research centres for medical 3D printing and other medical breakthroughs. The team of the centre is working on lots of EU projects and is also working together with the industry, hospitals and universities. Last but not least, they are also doing research on their own. All of that is possible with over 250 researchers that work at the Cúram centre.

Working with industry partners and clinicians, we will better understand the ‘hostile environment’ of the body and advance medical devices to the next stage where they mimic the body’s biology. We want to launch devices which are more effective for the individual patient, but more affordable to lessen the burden on healthcare systems worldwide

A long time goal the research centre has been the development of a non-invasive method for surgeries on the spinal cord. Another long-time goal are 3D printed muscles and tendons that could help all sorts of athletics after different injuries. Yet another very interesting project are implanted insulin pumps that make it redundant to measure the blood sugar manually and inject the insulin.

The centre raised 55 Million Dollar from the Science Foundation Ireland, 21 Million Dollar from the EU (as a part of the EU Horizion 2020 program) and 5 Million Dollars from the Irish government.

Cúram will play a key role in ensuring that world-class skills will be available to companies in Ireland, by providing access to unparalleled scientific expertise and innovation