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Researcher At TU Delft 3D Printed Shapeshifting Objects

Researchers at the Technical University Delft (TU Delft) used 3D printing to create objects that fold like origami when heated.

Other researchers called these changing 4D Printing because time or temperature adds as another dimension. The researchers now tu-delft-3d-printing-origamihave published their work on how they manipulated 3D printed objects which change their shape.

The team added shape memory polymers (SMP) to different 3D printed objects to program them to change their form to shapeshifting-materials-smpcompletely different ones.

To achieve  that the researchers printed structures with conventional 3D printers of different manufacturers like Ultimaker, EnvisionTEC and Formlabs. These objects were combined with SMPs. Two, three or even more layers of 3D printed material and SMP were glued together.

You can read the full paper from TU Delft here.