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RESINEX Extends Range to Include PLA for 3D Printing

The European plastics and rubber distributor RESINEX can supply 3D printing filament manufacturers with a comprehensive range of thermoplastics capable of meeting the varied demands placed on the finished parts.

This range now also includes specially developed and only recently launched Ingeo™ grades of PLA (polylactic acid, polylactides) from US company NatureWorks, a leading manufacturer of these plastics based on renewable resources. Working hand in hand with NatureWorks, RESINEX can also support its customers in evaluating new filament formulations. In addition to the new Ingeo™ PLA grades, RESINEX also offers special extrusion grades of polycarbonate and ABS for the strongly growing field of additive manufacturing.

Particularly for desktop 3D printer users, PLA filaments have become a material of choice for a number of reasons. They permit high resolution printing and shrink only slightly on cooling, so helping to improve part accuracy and dimensional stability. Moreover, the material’s relatively low melting point enables safe, low-temperature printing. Another key feature is the low level of emissions from the material, meaning no unpleasant odours during printing.

The first product in NatureWorks’ 3D series is Ingeo™ 3D850. This all-purpose grade combines a good overall balance of processability in filament production with consistent material and printing characteristics. This grade is also highly suitable for further compounding with additives to achieve specific part properties. According to NatureWorks, grades with enhanced heat resistance are currently under development.

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