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restor3d relies on 3D printing for the development of surgical instruments

US startup restor3d is developing a new generation of surgical instruments and implants using 3D printing. The company also relies on technology from the manufacturer Formlabs. According to restor3d, additive manufacturing enables cost-effective and flexible production of patient-specific medical devices.

Until now, instrument sets made of stainless steel, costing upwards of $50,000 per set, often prevented the use of new treatment methods, the company said. Instead, restor3d relies on a mix of 3D-printed metal and plastic components.

According to restor3d, this allows individual surgical tools, for example, to be produced for just a few dollars. In addition, the company says the design can be closely coordinated with surgeons and quickly customized. Patient-specific anatomical models and drilling templates are also expected to improve planning.

In orthopedic oncology, for example, every surgery is unique, restor3d explains. The close exchange and flexibility of 3D printing enables customized solutions here, he adds. The startup names Formlabs, among others, as a partner and material provider.

According to its own statements, restor3d pursues a consistently patient-centric approach. With the help of 3D printing, the company wants to make innovative treatment methods accessible and improve care overall.

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