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Revolutionary Multex4Move Multi-Material Extruder

The new Multex4Move extruder makes it possible to create 4-way 3D prints (quad) quickly and cleanly without oozing and stringing.

Multec, the German innovator in 3D printer manufacturing, introduces a revolutionary new mechanism that allows for perfect FDM printing in various colors and materials without the typical problems of oozing and stringing.

Multex4MoveThanks to a unique mechanism built into the Multex4Move that retracts the inactive hot-ends behind a protective cover, thereby exposing only the active hot-end to the working area, color and material contamination are prevented.

If a user must switch to another nozzle, the original nozzle is first cleaned and then pushed into the active area, preventing any possible residue to contaminate the printing – a phenomenon typically referred to as “stringing”. Even with single-nozzle printing, the nozzle is retracted behind a cover during the movements when it is inactive, thereby preventing any dripping or oozing.

2_multex4moveBecause multiple nozzles are typically all positioned at the same height, the inactive nozzle also moves along with the active nozzle over the printed area. Both of these factors result in a blurred printed product where the different colors are mixed together or where threads and drops are formed between components due to oozing.

screenshots006_620_8The Multex4Move also gives its customers the possibility of using different materials for a printed product or its supporting structures, allowing users enormous versatility within one printing process.


Each nozzle is individually temperature-controlled meaning that materials with different melting points can also be processed in one printing process.

The Multex4Move has also drastically reduced printing times with its various size nozzles (0.2 to 1-2 mm diameter), thus allowing for higher volume  This innovative technology is now patent-pending in both the USA and Europe.


Small, compact versions of this innovative multi-extruder will be available separately for use with other manufacturers’ 3D printers.

Kickstarter campaign launch

A Kickstarter campaign for this project will be launched in November in the USA. Be a part of the new epoch of FDM printing!

Further information at https://www.multec.de/Multex4Move-multi-material-extruder