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RICOH Starts Selling Their 3D Printer AM S5500P in Europe

The Japanese company RICOH starts selling its 3D printer AM S5500P. The 3D printer meets industrials standards and works with SLS technology.

RICOH is a producer of different conventional industrial printers and other office systems. 2014 the company announced that they have started developing a 3D printer. In October 2015 they started selling their 3D printer in Japan. Since the 18th May 2016 the AM S5500P is also available in Europe.

The AM S5500P has a build area of 550 x 550 x 500 mm. Inside the printer a 100 Watt C02 works a CO2 laser that melts the material to create the 3D objects. If you want to use such a printer you need a lot of space, the 3D printers has a dimension of 2.1 x 1.5 x 2.4 meter (W x D x H). Without material the printer has a weight of 2.000 kg.

The layer thickness can be varied between 0.08 and 0.20 mm. As material different sorts of plastic powder can be used. For example there is a polyamide (nylon) or a polypropylene plastic. The system also offers PA1 and PP2 materials support – which are of strategic importance to manufacturers, particularly those in the automotive industry.

When you are interested in a RICOH AM S5500P 3D printer you have to invest a lot for it. The printer costs approximately 600.000€ (685.000$). More information on the 3D printer is available on the website of RICOH-Europe.

The availability of the RICOH AM S5500P and relevant end-to-end services means that European businesses now have a single point of contact for everything related to additive manufacturing. This makes it easier for them to understand and deploy an additive manufacturing solution that can help improve their efficiency, productivity and entry to new business areas. Given the relative fragmentation of the market this is a significant development, as the printing of working parts on demand and the creation of prototypes enables businesses to meet their evolving manufacturing innovation needs.

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