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Ricoh USA introduces comprehensive on-site 3D printing solution

Ricoh USA announced the launch of its fully managed on-site 3D printing solution, RICOH All-In 3D Print. This complete XaaS additive manufacturing solution is designed to streamline the production of 3D printed product prototypes and other additive manufacturing applications.

According to studies, 93% of companies that use 3D printing consider it a competitive advantage. However, 41% of manufacturers say that the lack of skilled labor is a barrier to the adoption of 3D printing. RICOH All-In 3D Print is designed to significantly accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing, especially for companies that don’t have the time and resources to create and operate their own 3D printing lab.

“With one of the largest service networks in the country, RICOH All-In 3D Print removes the barriers and headaches that are commonly associated with implementing and managing an on-site 3D-printing operation,” said Gary Turner, Managing Director, Additive Manufacturing, Ricoh USA, Inc. “By handling all aspects of the additive manufacturing process, we allow our clients to focus on their core business activities while we manage their 3D-print needs with expert precision. All-In 3D Print not only delivers immediate cost savings, but also ensures the highest quality of prototyping, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish.”

The solution is managed on-site by highly skilled personnel and supported remotely by specialists at the Ricoh Center for Additive Manufacturing at North Carolina State University, a leading facility for 3D printing research and development.

Already known for its RICOH 3D for Healthcare solution, All-In 3D Print extends the reach of Ricoh’s 3D printing expertise and service network to additional industries. Companies looking to advance their business through additive manufacturing will benefit from fast response times, increased customization flexibility and cost efficiencies compared to remote service bureaus. By outsourcing their 3D printing needs to Ricoh’s team of experts, companies can utilize their resources more efficiently, increasing overall productivity and innovation.

This new service represents a significant step for Ricoh in helping businesses take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing and demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing innovative and practical solutions that improve efficiency and quality in production.

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