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Roboze 3D teams up with Ducati Corse for the 2022 MotoGP season

Roboze, provider of advanced additive manufacturing solutions with the most precise 3D printers in the world specialized in the production of finished components in composite materials and super polymers, will be Technical Partner of Ducati Corse for the 2022 season that has just begun in Losail, Qatar.

Technology, engines, shapes and aerodynamics: Motorsport has always had a special charm, proving to be one of the main promoters of technological innovation worldwide. In the racing world, everything is optimized for performance, because hundredths of a second can make the difference between a first and a second place. Week after week, race after race, everything is studied and designed to be lighter, safer and more performing.

Roboze technology applied to 3D printers is focused on the use of composite materials and high-performance polymers – materials that have shown important advantages in the world of racing – instead of metals. Ducati Corse in 2022 will take full advantage of this innovative technology offered by the Bari-based company.

“We have been working with Roboze for more than a year now and thanks to Roboze’s 3D printing technology for super polymers and composites we have been able to significantly speed up the production of aerodynamic components with incredible mechanical properties.” says Riccardo Savin, Ducati Corse Vehicle Dynamics and Design Manager. “We are very happy with this technical partnership and plan to increase the use of their technology given the encouraging results obtained”.

Ducati Corse, in fact, used Roboze technology in the delicate test phases to produce parts of the Desmosedici GP, such as some sections of the fairing and the heat shields.

Roboze is recognized all over the world for its innovative technology that shifts the focus of 3D printing from simple prototyping to the production of finished parts with production standards comparable to traditional methods. The team’s high know-how in materials science and mechatronics has resulted in a repeatable, and therefore scalable in the world, system for the production of components with super-materials such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK, ULTEM and Carbon PA. Polymers and composite materials that not only guarantee an excellent relationship between mechanical strength and weight, but also chemical and thermal properties suitable for the specific application of interest.

The implementation of the technology provided by Roboze will play an important role for Ducati Corse this season, not only in the production of finished components but also in the design of geometrically complex models, reducing assemblies and allowing the integration of new functions into the parts.

“We are pleased with this statement of esteem. We are constantly working to increase the performance of our super materials and the speed of our 3D printers. Supporting Ducati Corse in MotoGP makes us really proud. Working side by side with Ducati Corse technicians has allowed us to learn their needs very well. We are now ready to give our best and support them to achieve important results together” declares Alessio Lorusso, Founder & CEO of Roboze.

(c) Picture & Link: www.roboze.com

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