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Roboze and PUNCH Torino aim to promote 3D printing in automotive and marine industries

Thanks to the freshly signed partnership PUNCH Torino and ROBOZE, both at the forefront of the Additive Manufacturing sector, will work in partnership to accelerate the industrialization of 3D printing in the automotive and marine sectors.

According to Research and Markets, a market research and analysis firm, the size of the global additive manufacturing market is estimated to reach $76.16 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 20.8 percent. Sectors that will drive this growth include automotive and marine, where the adoption of the additive method will have critical implications on every stage of the value chain.

The goal of the two partners will be, indeed, to increase the adoption of additive technology and improve the printing process with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology, making it increasingly competitive and sustainable when compared to conventional technologies. This will enable the development of even more competitive and high-performance products in the near future, with a substantial impact on lead times.

Roboze will deploy the Automate technology, specifically developed for the Production systems of the company. The Production Series features ARGO 500, an additive manufacturing solution that shifts the focus of additive manufacturing from mere prototyping to production of end use parts, maintaining the same manufacturing standards of traditional methods. It is the most precise and repeatable system on the market and has allowed hundreds of companies to digitize their warehouses while scaling their production. The replacement of metals with super polymers such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK, Ultem and Carbon PA offers excellent mechanical strength-to-weight ratio, as well as chemical and thermal properties for a wide range of industrial applications.

PUNCH Torino has gained strong skills within the additive manufacturing world during the years. Starting in 2015 with the development of automotive technological capabilities, exploiting its enormous advantages in product design and industrialization. This know-how will be crucial for the development of new materials and technologies with a focus on our target market.

This partnership offers economic, territorial, and environmental benefits to the companies involved, but not only to themselves. From the economic point of view, the implementation of this technology will overall improve the product, both in terms of performance and design, reducing development/production’s costs and time, with the possibility of digitizing warehouses and printing components only when needed.

From the territorial point of view, having the production back to the place of use will bring with it skills and job opportunities previously imported from other countries. And, last but not least, from the environmental point of view there’s a special focus on sustainability: reducing transportations and shippings, the Co2 emissions will be reduces as well. But there’s more. Roboze is a technology company that can translate current and future manufacturing needs into solutions. PUNCH’s know-how will be an accelerator for the development and deployment of these solutions on the territory.

“We chose Roboze as our partner because we strongly believe in its patented ultra-precise 3D printing technology for super polymers and composites, which will allow us to replace metal alloys within the entire lifecycle of automotive and marine functional components, thus reducing the overall weight of the powerpack system and the related Co2 emissions, which we know to be increasingly stringent and challenging.– says Gianmarco Boretto, Director Hardware Engineering of PUNCH Torino – This technology allows us to create increasingly complex, resistant and functionally integrated systems through the application of specific product development techniques for additive manufacturing. ”


Giancarlo Scianatico, EMEA Business Director of Roboze, says: “Thanks to the great experience of PUNCH Torino we will be able to implement our additive manufacturing technology in the automotive and marine fields, through a high quality and repeatable printing process and a new circular and sustainable production model. We want to demonstrate that by integrating PUNCH Torino’s high engineering skills with our high-performance super materials, it is possible to design and develop innovative and high-performance systems; a winning example are the case studies previously realized, among which we find engine brackets with organic structures and integrated rails for high-pressure hydrogen applications.”

Find out more about Roboze at roboze.com/en.

For more information about PUNCH Torino, please visit  punchtorino.com.

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