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Roboze integrated pre and post 3D printing systems

ROBOZE is getting ready to introduce at Formnext 2019 innovations and new integrated systems to manage the entire manufacturing process of high temperature and composite materials

ROBOZE – innovative manufacturer of FFF 3D solutions for extreme additive manufacturing applications – will show at Formnext 2019 the new Heat Treatment Process, capable of covering all the necessary phases for the production of functional prototypes and finished components with composite materials and high temperature super polymers.

ROBOZE solutions – result of the constant research done by a team of engineers that is revolutionising the 3D printing world, offering versatile solutions with extraordinary precisions – are crucial for sectors like aerospace, motorsport, defense and oil&gas, where the printing precision and the high performances of the materials meet the requirements of the most extreme industrial applications.

After the product innovations we presented over the last few years, in particular, the Beltless System – patented by Roboze, that removed belts from FFF 3D printing – and the HVP extruder – patented mechanical gem able to manage the viscosity of super polymers like PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ULTEM™ AM9085F – today ROBOZE is getting ready to become a complete provider for the management of the entire manufacturing process of high temperature and composite materials, from the pre-printing procedures to the post-processing.

ROBOZE product portfolio includes now a Filament Dryer, designed ad hoc to dry and monitor the quality of the filaments before and during the printing phase. This new device, in addition to increasing the quality of the finished products, offers the automatic loading of the filament, an important function that allows to speed up the pre-printing procedures of its final customers with few and easy operations.

In order to meet the needs of thermal post-processing for the crystallization of the printed parts, ROBOZE includes within the process the new HT Oven, developed and produced with the aim of improving the dimensional stability at high temperatures and reducing any residual stress, due to the return of the parts (typical of semi-crystalline materials) or to any mechanical processing. The device is provided together with the printers that are not equipped with heated chamber: Desktop series – Roboze One and Roboze One+400 – and Desktop/Production series – Roboze One Xtreme and Roboze One+400 Xtreme.

For all ROBOZE systems, included the Production series represented by ARGO 500, the HT Oven allows to prepare the filaments between a print and another without waiting for the best conditions, considerably increasing the productivity of the final user; moreover, it permits to optimize and speed up the production thanks to the large space housing the spools for the pre-printing multiple drying.

Therefore, ROBOZE’s approach is focused on covering all the phases of the production process with additive manufacturing dedicated to composite and high temperature materials, guaranteeing great advantages in terms of processing time and costs.

Production optimization and creation of competitive advantages for the final users, these are the values that you will find during Formnext 2019 at ROBOZE booth, 12.1-C61. Moreover, there will be many other news that the company will communicate as soon as Formnext starts on November 19th .