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Roboze Israel Direct Channel Sales

Bari, ITALY – 11th January 2017 – Roboze, Italian manufacturer of professional 3d printing solutions for additive manufacturing applications, announced today that it has established a direct channel sales in Herzliya, Israel, to engage and support key industries in implementing 3d-printing in their design and manufacturing processes.

Israel is the home base of several leading global 3d printing companies. It is also one of the world’s major exporters of military equipment led by several multibillion homeland-security companies. Starting 15 years back, this sector was one the first to adopt 3d printing in new product design and development. Today, 3DP is widely used in small to large companies from variety of segments, when in addition to that more than several large local service bureaus provide professional on-demand 3d-printing services.

Roboze unique technology enables to produce durable parts from advanced techno-polymers for extreme functional testing and end use parts. The three leading materials are PEEK – Polyetheretherketone, PEI – Polyether Imide (known as ULTEM) & CARBON-PA – Nylon-12 mixed with 20% Carbon Fiber. As this industry and others evolve, the need to go beyond printing prototypes increases and the use of parts with supreme mechanical properties becomes essential. Local defense manufacturer Elbit, Cyclone already acquired the company’s flagship product – the Roboze One+400 Industrial 3d-printer, to accelerate the development of new additive manufacturing applications

Israel’s defense industry is where innovative technological ideas are born and come into life” Says Gil Lavi, Roboze VP Sales & Business Development “throughout the years we witnessed this sector successfully adopting diverse 3d-printing technologies, empowering engineers to shorten product development cycles, be more creative and less limited in their design processes. Roboze advanced technology will offer the accessibility to advanced techno-polymers which are not available today in the market, supporting the long term goals of leading industries to digitize manufacturing with the help of 3d-printing” Concluded Lavi.

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