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Roboze launches a new high performing filament

The amorphous thermoplastic polyimide filament, SABIC’s EXTEM™ AMHH811F, exceeds the limits of the highest performing materials in additive manufacturing, and is now available on ROBOZE ARGO Production 3D Printers.

Working on an exclusive collaboration with SABIC involving research and marketing, ROBOZE announces the introduction of a new high performance material: EXTEM™ AMHH811F filament for ROBOZE ARGO Production 3D Printers, a material that definitely raises the bar of the performance attainable by parts printed with FFF technology.

This material is a semi-transparent thermoplastic polyimide (TPI), with excellent flame retardant properties that are maintained even with thin wall design. The resin provides great resistance to high temperature with performance of heat deflection up to 230°C, and excellent dimensional stability and easy processability.

The 247°C glass transition (Tg) temperature of EXTEM™ AMHH811F is the highest among all printable materials. The material offers an extremely high performing ignition resistance, retains mechanical strength at high temperatures, has good chemical resistance and offers inherent flame retardancy. The material is RoHS compliant and halogen free, according to VDE / DIN 472 part 815.

These properties position EXTEM™ AMHH811F filament as a new leading polymer capable of replacing metals in extreme applications.

EXTEM™AMHH811F filament can address the needs of high performing parts in industries like motorsport, electrics, medical, aeronautics, space. Some examples are the thermal and acoustic shields, enclosures for electronic components and sensors for electric vehicles, excellent for metallization and printed parts that need low outgassing performance.

To enable customers to print high quality parts for a range of demanding high heat applications, SABIC and ROBOZE have worked closely together to optimize print parameters and secure UL recognition for EXTEM™ parts printed on ROBOZE solution,” said Keith Cox, SABIC’s senior business manager for Additive Manufacturing.

As a confirmation of this statement, the EXTEM™ AMHH811F filament has gained the UL Blue Card recognition with V0-075 certification on samples printed by ROBOZE ARGO Production 3D Printers with a thickness of 0,75 mm. This certification puts on the same regulatory level parts printed with FFF technology as the parts produced with traditional manufacturing like injection moulding.

This collaboration demonstrates the strong desire of both companies to contribute to the evolution of additive manufacturing technologies.

It’s been exciting to collaborate with ROBOZE to become the exclusive supplier of EXTEM™ AMHH811F filament for use on the ARGO platform. Our companies share the same enthusiasm to grow the AM market by making new high performance materials available to customers whose applications require the performance that can only be delivered by EXTEM™ filament on the new ARGO 3D printer. We hope that this is the first of many such exclusive collaborations with ROBOZE,” continues Keith Cox.

Having a partner like SABIC creates an important opportunity for our customers,” says Alessio Lorusso, ROBOZE CEO& Founder. “We share values like innovation and constant investment in research, development, new materials and technologies. EXTEM™ AMHH811F filament is a first demonstration of this and gives the chance to explore new horizons with the high performing amorphous polymer on FFF systems. We’re proud of these great achievements and also of the growing trust we have received from SABIC. With ROBOZE ARGO Production 3D Printers and the new EXTEM™ AMHH811F filament, we can increase the opportunities for Metal Replacement. I’m definitely sure that all this will guarantee great advantages in terms of speed and productivity for the users,” concludes Lorusso.

The first printed parts will be shown in worldwide premiere during Formnext 2019 at ROBOZE booth 121-C61.

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