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Roboze launches distributed manufacturing service

Roboze 3D Parts – a network for helping companies to reduce cost and time by shortening the steps in the supply chain, digitalizing  inventory,  producing components on demand and delivering them just in time, with the most precise 3D printing technology for composites and super polymers.

ROBOZE – innovative manufacturer of FFF 3D solutions based in Bari (IT)  and Houston (U.S), launches a new strategic manufacturing service to fulfill the demand of  high performance  components.

“Roboze 3D Parts is a key component of our vision to help manufacturers reduce their supply chain costs and time through digitalization of their inventory. Help them accelerate innovation to cope with the fast evolving market dynamics and deliver customized parts when they need , where they need ” says Alessio Lorusso, CEO of ROBOZE

Over the years ROBOZE specialized it’s know -how in building a technology capable to fulfill the most demanding applications.  ROBOZE 3D PARTS wants to put this expertise at their customer’s service adding the flexibility of ordering high performance parts on demand with the most precise 3D printing  technology for composites and super polymers.

ROBOZE 3D PARTS is in fact a platform that enables fast delivery of innovative components for engineers and companies,  placing a distributed manufacturing solution for high end applications with  tough requirements at their fingertips.

Extreme Performance, On-Demand

From applications that needs to withstand the most critical environments to certified production for the most demanding sectors such as Aerospace, Motorsport, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Industrial manufacturing, Electronics. ROBOZE 3D PARTS  aims to  fulfill the need for additively manufactured end use parts with leading edge materials.

PEEK, CARBON PEEK, EXTEM™ (TPI), CARBON PA, ULTEM™ AM9085F amongst the broad range of functionalized formulations available, engineered for demanding applications and able to achieve extreme performances.

ROBOZE 3D PARTS to help companies entering a new supply chain

In times of uncertainty,  local, on-demand and just in time production is the most effective solution for companies to mitigate risk offering at the same time the possibility  to innovate,  transitioning  into a new digital supply chain.

From Product development trough product maintenance, ROBOZE 3D PARTS can help reduce cost and time by to get components on demand

Innovation without compromise

ROBOZE 3D PARTS  is a global network of innovative companies highly specialized in engineering, manufacturing and post-processing end- use parts and functional components.

“ROBOZE 3D PARTS production partners,  are phenomenal companies with broad expertise in manufacturing  end use parts with highly technical materials”.

We are building a synergic network that is able to fulfill the requirements of a variety of key industries,  with the mission to facilitate our customers transitioning into the next phase of digitalized manufacturing, helping  them starting up and  scaling up their projects faster”,  says Francesco Pantaleone, Managing Director of ROBOZE 3D PARTS.

The worldwide network is equipped with the latest cutting edge production systems powered by Roboze. The accurate FFF ARGO production system ensuring mechatronic precision of movement, is able to manufacture consistent large-scale parts and repeatability of results independently from where is printed.

Get ready to print strong like metal. On demand.

#PrintStrongLikeMetal #Ondemand

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