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Roboze One Gets Stronger

Real 25 microns, empowered motors, new stainless steel extruder, wider versatility of materials, perfect both for prototyping and high quality end products.

Roboze,  Italian producer of professional solutions dedicated to rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, well known due to its innovations in relation to mechanical accuracies and to its wide offer of high performance materials like PEEK and PEI,  launches today the reinforced New Roboze One, last restyled version of the group’s first model, which aims to take place in the top range within SMEs. New Roboze One can be considered a valuable alternative for those who look for high quality and material versatility, embracing not only different applications but also the different necessities of the customers , supporting the process of product personalization.

Roboze Beltless System

Among the innovations of this model we can highlight the high accuracies of the machine. The company, thanks to its Beltless System patent, already showed to its customers the real tolerances of Roboze solutions, now reaching 25 microns. No FFF 3D printing technology has ever gone this far.

Moreover, the machine includes a new extruder, totally planned and produced by Roboze team. Completely in stainless steel, it reaches up to 300° C, making Roboze printing offer of techno-polymers wider. Together with the materials available in the old model, ULTRA, STRONG, FLEX e FUNCTIONAL, among the new choices you can find CARBON PA, engineered polymer for Roboze customers with polyamide base, 20% reinforced with carbon fiber;

Nylon 6, polyamide with high mechanical resistance, used to print components in the field of metalworking; ASA, techno-polymer with high weather, UV rays, yellowing and aging resistance, which makes it perfect for automotive components and outdoor applications; PC-ABS mixes PC mechanical properties and ABS high workability, making the printed parts not only perfectly defined but also with a great surface finishing; ABS-HD, combining ABS mechanical properties with a strong level of superficiality, is used for post production operations; ABS-ESD, which is an advanced polymer with ABS base modified according to a proprietary formulation with carbon nanotubes and process/ loss modifiers, perfect for measurement and survey applications, HDD components, envelops and connectors.

New Roboze One will be shown to the public for the first time at Rapid +TCT show, on booth 850. The show will be held in Pittsburg from May 8th to 11th, confirming the group’s intentions to enter in the American market too.