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ROBOZE, a provider of 3D printing solutions for superpolymers and composites, introduces its latest innovation, the ARGO 500 HYPERSPEED. The official presentation will take place at RAPID+TCT 2024, the most important global event for additive manufacturing, which will be held in Los Angeles.

In addition to the main features of the previous version, such as the chamber heated up to 180°C for superpolymers, the ARGO 500 HYPERSPEED offers new and patented technologies. The PolyFlow X system stands out in particular. This enables an extremely fast and controlled material flow and thus optimizes every phase of the printing process, regardless of the material used. This leads to a reduction in production times of up to 62%, which significantly increases productivity.

Another notable feature is the advanced Smart Gcode print mode. The new software algorithms, combined with the performance of the newly introduced hardware, ensure a 92% reduction in printing times when using a double extruder compared to the previous version. This optimizes all movements and paths and completely eliminates downtime during extruder changes.

“At ROBOZE, we don’t make ordinary products. We strive for excellence. Our customers, when acquiring our systems, expect the supercars of the 3D printing world. ROBOZE stands for performance and the pursuit of engineering excellence in hardware, software, electronics, and materials science, creating an advanced production system for manufacturing industries worldwide,”  says Alessio Lorusso, CEO of ROBOZE.

The system is compatible with a variety of super polymers and composites that are as robust and durable as metal, managed by profiles based on ROBOZE’s decades of experience. Users can choose between high-resolution and ultra-fast profiles and customize the printing performance to their specific needs. The machine offers agility on multiple levels with four customized solutions for optimal results and perfectly meets the requirements for attention to detail and speed. This opens up new possibilities for industrial applications and allows companies to explore previously inaccessible areas and innovate like never before.

Simone Cuscito, Chief Research, Development and Product Officer at ROBOZE, states: ” With ARGO 500 HYPERSPEED, we are redefining the boundaries of additive manufacturing. Our new technology not only increases speed and efficiency but also maintains the highest quality standards. We are excited to present this innovation at RAPID+TCT 2024 and show how it can transform companies’ production processes.”

With the launch of the ARGO 500 HYPERSPEED, ROBOZE continues its tradition of revolutionizing the additive manufacturing industry, offering solutions that combine speed, efficiency and high quality. Visitors can experience it live, along with another top ROBOZE product, the ARGO 1000 HYPERSPEED, the world’s largest 3D printer with pellet technology, which offers a heated chamber up to 180°C to quickly produce large-format parts from superpolymers and composites.

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