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Roboze Shifts Gears and Accelerates Growth


Roboze recently announced the unveiling of its stunning new headquarters. Strategically located in the Modugno (Bari) this 16,000Sqft state-of-the-art facility is embedded in the heart of the industrial complex of multinational companies such as SKF, Bridgestone, Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Merck, and General Electric.

The meticulously designed facility is equipped with open space design offices, R&D laboratory and Demo & Applications center for the development and implementation of its 3D printing technology and advanced materials. Roboze plans to quadruple production capacity with the new facility and expand the assembly and testing area of its Roboze machine. Employees are the beating heart of Roboze culture, as such; designing a facility that maximizes employee happiness was key. The new headquarters includes everything from relaxation rooms, and designated meeting rooms for sales, marketing and finance. The forward-thinking layout was purposely designed to capture the youthful and innovative characteristics that the Roboze team represents.



Roboze is on a recruitment drive to keep pace with rapid expansion, currently on track to hire 40 employees by the end of 2018, and 60 in 2019. This up and rising youth-driven company currently has 25 employees (averaging 30 years old), 80% engineering graduates, and half of the Roboze staff entirely dedicated to research and development – “the true lifeblood of Roboze,” as deemed by CEO Alessio Lorusso

Blazing trails in the U.S. market, Roboze opens a new branch office in the metropolitan area of Chicago, soon to be home to Roboze applications engineers and marketing managers to better reach its customers and boost its presence in the U.S. market.

Roboze builds an estimated 30% of its machines’ components, (considered core-technology elements) in house. “Our ability to build in-house makes Roboze extremely fast, and highly adaptable to rapidly changing industry needs. Being able to design a new element of the extrusion body for a new material and produce it with CNC technology in only a few hours is a competitive advantage that the company feels strongly about and of which the founder and CEO, Alessio Lorusso focuses on.

Our machines are completely designed by Roboze. We write the software language, design the user interface, and manufacture our extrusion heads in-house. All this know-how under one roof, allows us to respond quickly and stay at the top of our industry when technologies or markets change. Investing in production technologies also increases our experience and opens up new opportunities. Our goal isn’t to produce the most machines, but rather to produce the best machines in the world.”



In recent years, Roboze has invested its energies in high-tech solutions for the industrial market.

Roboze plans to realign its resources to create a new division dedicated to the medical technology sector. Roboze’s expertise in applications in PEEK will meet the ever-growing demands of 3D printing of PEEK applications for the medical sector.

Roboze announced that in an aim to meet the needs of patients, it has already laid out the ground work for six research and development projects of new 3D printing technologies with new trailblazing materials for the creation and improvement of medical applications with less invasive and more cost-effective procedures.

These upcoming projects will open unexplored realms that will change the dynamics of the entire 3D printing industry, as we know it. Roboze has just received regional approval for a €1.3M project in partnership with the University of Salento, CNR and the San Raffaele Hospital, to design and fabricate the prototype of a groundbreaking 3D Bio-plotter for the 3D printing of scaffolds in compatible and implantable biomaterials.



One key element that sets Roboze apart in the 3D printer market is its ability to create 3D printing solutions with a variety of high-performance materials – a strategic factor for the future of Roboze and its final customers. Known for surprising the market with new innovations, Roboze understands disruption. Kicking off the 2018 production line is ARGO 500, Roboze’s latest innovation and currently the most precise 3D printer capable of printing large-scale prints and super polymers such as PEEK, Carbon PA, ULTEM ™ AM9085F and, for the first time, Carbon PEEK (carbon fibre reinforced Peek).


Stay tuned as this former Italian start-up continues to break boundaries in 3D printing and establishes itself as a global leader in the fourth industrial revolution.

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