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Rostec is Now Licensed for 3D Printing-Based Mass Production for the Aircraft Industry

Rostec State Corporation’s Additive Technologies Center received a license from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for the mass production using the additive manufacturing method. This is the first Russian enterprise that has confirmed its competences in mass industrial scale 3D printing for the aircraft industry.

The license allows for mass production and testing of components for civil aviation including aircraft, helicopters and engines.

“Aircraft construction is one of the most science-intensive industries with incredibly high safety requirements. The license confirms compliance with these requirements and allows for mass production. This is a new and important stage in the development of additive technologies, and for the Russian aircraft industry as a whole,” commented Vladislav Kochkurov, General Director of JSC “ATC”.

Industrial 3D printing allows for reduced production timings of certain individual components from 6 months to 3 weeks. Moreover, additively manufactured components are substantially lighter, while still retaining their functional properties, allowing for the increase in payload and carrying capacity as well as the improvement of various other aircraft characteristics.

Today, the company has mastered the production of 450 different parts. JSC “ATC” has the largest fleet of 3D printing equipment in Russia comprising of 41 units of additive and auxiliary manufacturing equipment.