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RusselSmith joins Roboze 3D Parts Network

Roboze, a technology company supplying industrial 3D printing systems specialising in the production of finished and functional parts using super polymers and composite materials, announces today that RusselSmith, a provider of integrated energy services, has joined the Roboze 3D Parts Network with the aim of creating the first Smart Manufacturing Solution Centre in West Africa.

Nigeria has a significant number of industrial companies that use heavy machinery in sectors such as manufacturing, oil and gas, medicine and transportation. To sustain the operational excellence, frequent inspection and maintenance of facilities in such industries are crucial. However, due to supply chain challenges experienced globally and especially in West Africa, local companies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to lead time and parts obsolescence.

RusselSmith is an Integrated Energy Services provider with a focus on asset integrity management, oilfield operations and production management, gas commercialisation solutions, technology, and engineering solutions. With a long history of delivering maintenance and inspection solutions to the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria, RusselSmith is taking the lead in making industrial 3D printing available in Nigeria and building the foundation for a digital supply chain in West Africa.

“We are excited to introduce industrial 3D printing to the Nigerian market by joining the Roboze 3D Parts Network,” says Kayode Adeleke, CEO of RusselSmith. “This innovative just-in-time manufacturing solution allows our customers to replicate and replace hard-to-obtain OEM parts locally in a fraction of the time that it takes to source and ship them, thereby reducing costs, improving uptime and optimising their supply chain.”

Roboze 3D Parts is an on-demand additive manufacturing service with a strong focus on realising designs in harsh environments and solving difficult engineering challenges with high-precision parts and extreme performance. The service is provided through a network of specialised additive manufacturing centres, relocated worldwide and using Roboze ARGO Production technology to ensure consistency and excellent results.

“Delivering business value to the complex and regulated Energy value chain might seem daunting to many, however, Roboze, has taken systematic steps to progress the digital supply chain vision in the Energy sector. We led the API 20T standardization committee and successfully qualified several components for valves, pumps or turbines for large international operators, service companies and OEMS. Roboze empowers the local content and shares its technical knowledge of advanced additive manufacturing with global partners and local leading companies such as RusselSmith in Nigeria. Together we intend to lead the on demand spare parts manufacturing and help many local operators save schedule and cost.” said Arash Shadravan, Roboze Energy Business Development Manager.

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution and the digital transformation of companies, topics such as production logistics chains and digitisation, the so-called SupplyChain 4.0, are becoming of primary interest for companies worldwide. Therefore, there is a need to create a production and logistics chain that can offer fast response times, integrating big data analysis with flexible and efficient production and management processes. Roboze 3D printing solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into this scenario enabling, thanks to the support of Partners in its Worldwide Network, manufacturing companies to produce products on demand and locally in a much simpler way, helping to limit costs, reduce waste and increase component performance.

Find out more about Roboze at roboze.com.

For more information about RusselSmith , please visit russelsmithgroup.com.

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