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Sakuu and SK On announce partnership

Battery specialist Sakuu, known for its 3D printed Kavian platform, announced a development agreement with global manufacturer SK On, one of the world’s leading EV battery suppliers.

The agreement focuses on the industrialization of the Kavian platform, a dry process. “We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with Sakuu,” said Dr. Rhee Jang-weon, Chief Technology Officer of SK On. “We look forward to working closely with Sakuu to accelerate innovations in the manufacturing processes for EV battery electrodes.”

Sakuu has made significant advances in the dry process manufacturing and printing of electrodes. These advances eliminate the use of solvents and enable the use of new processes in battery manufacturing that result in more cost-effective and higher performing batteries that are also more environmentally friendly.

“Together, SK On and Sakuu are ushering in a new era in battery manufacturing technology, advancing safety, sustainability, and innovation in battery technology,” said Robert Bagheri, founder and CEO of Sakuu. “With Sakuu’s pioneering technology and SK On’s best-in-class EV battery manufacturing expertise, we’re addressing the core issues facing battery makers today.”

The dry process cavian platform represents a significant advance as it not only lowers production costs but also reduces environmental impact. By integrating this technology into SK On’s manufacturing processes, both the performance and sustainability of EV batteries can be significantly improved. This will not only strengthen the competitiveness of the companies involved, but will also make an important contribution to the further development of battery technology.

Overall, this partnership represents an important step towards a more sustainable and efficient future of battery manufacturing. The cooperation is expected to lead to significant improvements in the production and performance of EV batteries, which will ultimately benefit both manufacturers and end users.

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