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3D Scan Yourself Into VR Using Your Smartphone

Following a Kickstarter campaign for their wireless pocket 3D scanner in 2014, the Swiss startup Dacuda now brings 3D scanning to your smartphone.

Their patented SLAM Scan 3D software technology uses a unique robotics algorithm to capture 3D objects on smartphones in real-time. Dacuda has made an SDK available to be used for mobile games and extensions, that allows users to 3D scan themselves with their smartphone and combine the data with an avatar.

CEO Peter Weigand explained to psfk: “Today, generating 3D content is limited to expensive and cumbersome technology. Our technology allows you to scan your face in real-time to generate a high quality 3D avatar of yourself, all from your mobile device.


To get an idea of what their technology is capable of, check out the video below:

Dacuda describes their technology as follows: “Our patented Dacuda SLAM Scan engine processes images coming from ordinary RGB cameras and determines their exact position in 3D space. In parallel, we run a probabilistic depth reconstruction approach to form a 3D point cloud of an object. Thanks to real-time feedback, users can arbitrarily move the camera to capture an object, while viewing the capture from their movements in real-time. For the first time, the creation of 3D objects can be as simple as taking a video.”

However, gaming is not the only field of application for SLAM Scan 3D, as the captured data can also be used to generate 3D models for 3D printing.

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