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Sculpteo Premiers Smoothing Beutifier Finish For SLS Parts

Sculpteo launches the « Smoothing BeautifierTM », a patented and unprecedented finish technique of 3D printed parts for a perfectly smooth and glossy result and directly usable parts.

Paris and San Leandro, May 17th 2016: Sculpteo, the factory in the cloud specializing in online 3D printing and digital manufacturing, is innovating yet again and launching a new technique allowing the 3D printing of objects with a smooth and glossy finish. This performance allows a quality never yet achieved in 3D printing.

Today, the 3D printing technology of laser sintering (or additive manufacturing) allows the manufacturing of parts presenting a certain granularity, being, by definition, composed of solidified powder. Laser sintering is therefore generally used for prototyping or the manufacturing of components and mechanisms.

As Clément Moreau, CEO and co-founder of Sculpteo, says: “3D printing is crossing yet another boundary. This technology allows to produce parts which are smoother and smoother. The resulting finish with the Smoothing BeautifierTM completes the expensive and long technology of plastic molding and opens the field of 3D printing to consumer products”.

Sculpteo has developed a new patented technique, called “Smoothing BeautifierTM”, which allows to obtain for 3D objects printed through laser sintering a perfectly smooth and glossy finish. Thanks to this new technique, 3D printing is able to answer the demands for manufacturing and producing final parts of high quality.

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