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Tulga is a multidisciplinary product development company which serves a wide range of customers from start-up businesses to ISO500 companies.

As Tulga, we create and produce innovative designs with a problem-solving approach. Our professional services include industrial design, mechanical design, prototype production, and manufacturing engineering.

We fully dedicate our skills and resources to produce innovative, problem-solving and at the same time problem-free products as we continue to make new investments in line with fast-changing technologies.

We are preferred by our customers due to our high quality service and innovative products. We are a team that is capable of rapidly meeting customer needs. With its proven record of success in design engineering in various sectors and its competence in industrial product design, our team provides innovative and producible solutions for our customers.

Our main objective is to increase our level of innovation by building long-term relationships with our customers, improve our engineering skills further, and facilitate the production of top quality products through our optimal solutions.