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ShareMy3D: Platform for Secure Sharing of 3D Files

ShareMy3D is a platform that allows users to communicate their 3D files up to a size of 5GB. Targeted at businesses, it allows them to securely upload, view and share 3D information in the web browser on all devices.

ShareMy3D is basically a 3D viewer similar to Sketchfab but with every file being stored in a proprietary file format. This allows businesses to communicate 3D content securely and, moreover, in a file size that is ten times bigger than other online 3D visualisation systems. This is especially interesting for companies working with large files generated by 3D scanners. The viewer service works with over 40 common file formats that are compressed using a special algorithm developed by the company.

While other 3D viewers act as free 3D model marketplaces, ShareMy3D aims at helping businesses sharing large files to promote their products through websites, social media or emails. After uploading a model, the subscription based service also allows for making adjustments with their professional level tools and settings.

Check out the short video below, to get a better idea how ShareMy3D works:

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