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Silimac P250: A 3D printer from Prayasta for implants

3D printing technology has made significant advances in recent years and is now used in a variety of industries, from automotive to medical. One company focusing on the medical field is Prayasta with its Silimac P250 3D printer.

Silimac P250 is a 3D printer specifically designed to produce personalized soft tissue implants and prostheses from ‘implantable’ elastomers, specifically silicone. It is an industrial machine designed to operate reliably and uninterruptedly over long production periods. The printer can hold up to 14,000 mL of silicone in a single refill, making it truly production ready.

A distinctive feature of the Silimac P250 is its careful design, which ensures the sterility of the printing environment and material to produce the best quality products suitable for medical applications and long-term implantation.

The machine offers a range of features including scalability, cleanliness, speed, precision and versatility. It is compatible with all elastomeric, two-component or similar materials and offers high resolution, fully automated operation and compliance with industry standards 4.0.

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