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Simplify3D Expands Compatibility for More Than 30 New 3D Printers

A few weeks after their Version 3.0 release, Simplify3D today announced expanded compatibility of their popular 3D printing software. Support and one-click setup has been added for more than 30 new printers, including machines from the UK, US, Japan, Portugal and Latvia.

Among others, the Ohio-based software company has partnered with BigBox out of the UK, Portugal’s BEEVERYCREATIVE, and Mass Portal from Latvia.

Simplify3D Software is compatible with more 3D printers than any other 3D printing software available,” said Simplify3D CEO Clayton Webster. “And new partnerships are one of the ways we show our dedication to universal support.

The three companies mentioned above each produce a very innovative machine with unique advantages. For instance, E3D and LittleBox have joined forces to create the BigBox printer, an affordable machine with superior components such as the E3D hotend, a huge build platform, and Simplify3D Software. The BeeTheFirst printer features an iconic design and an easy setup process, making it ideal for the 3D printing novice. Mass Portal’s Pharaoh is an enclosed delta printer that is capable of printing at extremely high speeds while maintaining whisper-quiet operation. “Our team has been working on several of these partnerships for almost a year now, so it is exciting to have so many ready to be announced at the same time,” said Webster.

Simplify3D already supports more than 150 different 3D printers, and the list continues to grow with each new release. As Webster explained, “We work closely with the machine manufacturers to optimize print quality and learn the nuances of each machine. We integrate all of this learning into the software so their customers can enjoy a seamless one-click setup and great prints right out of the box.”

The latest Simplify3D update adds support for 30 new 3D printers, including:

  • 3DP Unlimited 3DP1000
  • ATOM 2.0 3D Printer
  • Big Builder 3D Printer
  • Boots Industries BI V2.5
  • CreatBot DM
  • CreatBot DX
  • Dreammaker OverLord
  • Dreammaker OverLord Pro
  • LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder Version
  • M3D Micro 3D Printer
  • Mankati Fullscale XT Plus
  • Mass Portal Pharaoh ED
  • Morgan 3D RepRap Morgan Mega
  • Morgan 3D RepRap Morgan Pro
  • Multec M200
  • Multec M300
  • Polar3D Printer
  • Printrbot Play
  • Printrbot Plus Metal
  • Rapide Lite 100
  • Rapide Lite 100XL
  • Rapide Lite 200
  • Rapide Lite 200XL
  • Renkforce RF1000
  • RigidBot Regular
  • RigidBot Big
  • Solidoodle Workbench
  • Solidoodle Workbench Apprentice
  • SystemCreate Bellulo
  • Velleman Vertex K8400
  • Wanhao Duplicator i3

This update occurs shortly after Version 3.0, which itself included support for 25 new printers – totaling support for 55 new printers over the past three months. “Our mission has always been to provide universal software support and our team is working incredibly hard to accomplish that,” Webster explained. “We are seeing more and more customers who own multiple 3D printers from different manufacturers, and they want to use the same software interface with all of them. Simplify3D allows them to do that. Our customers can learn a single software program and have confidence that we will continue to provide support for the 3D printers of tomorrow.

To see a full list of compatible 3D printers, visit Simplify3D.com.

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