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Sinterit moved to its brand new production facility and HQ

Sinterit, the leading producer of compact and professional SLS 3D printing solutions, opened its new production facility as well as its new HQ in Kraków Poland. The company can now increase its production capacity threefold.

Although the company has been on the market for only five years, the startup era is long behind it. The new headquarters has been finished and adapted to production needs entirely from the company’s profit, without external investment.

We designed everything on our purpose. The new factory is entirely adapted to the needs of SLS printers production and new products development, from warehouse, through assembly, products testing areas, and the R&D space. The brand new offices allow us to welcome and train our partners. With our new facilities, we have additional means to further deliver our ambitious strategy : increase adoption of AM by making SLS technology accessible to all professionals – says Maxime Polesello, CEO of Sinterit.

The new production facility and Sinterit headquarters are located in the industrial zone near one of the most important logistics hubs in the region. Moving out of the city center to the industrial zone finally ends the startup stage of the company.

Sinterit is capable of implementing a more aggressive plan in terms of production and new product development. The new facility makes it easier to organize customer training, and thanks to the proximity of logistics hub, shipping products is much easier. As Sinterit printers are now the most available SLS Solution, with the new production plant it will be even more accessible for the customers worldwide.