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Sintratec sponsors Makerspace and Mini Maker Faire

Sintratec is an official sponsor of the Steyr Makerspace which opened in the spring of 2017 as well as of the Mini Maker Faire Steyr, which took place last weekend in the Austrian city of Steyr. Sintratec thus contributes to the support of creative platforms where new technologies can be experimented with and ideas can be implemented.

Brugg, 5 October 2017 – Sintratec sponsors the Steyr Makerspace as well as the associated Mini Maker Faire, which just took place for the second time in the Austrian technology city Steyr. The Makerspace which was opened in spring 2017 by the Steyr-Werke association is a place for learning, experimenting and exchange meant for people interested in technology. The project is also about learning and driving new technologies – a topic which is very important to Sintratec.

“We did not hesitate when Steyr-Werke asked us whether we would like to participate in their project. As a young, innovative 3D printing company we found ourselves at a similar point a few years ago as many of today’s Makerspace visitors and really appreciated such offerings. They are an important space for exchanging ideas, networking and developing new technology,” says Dominik Solenicki, founding member and CEO of Sintratec.

Technology for everyone

Completely in the manner of the Maker movement, there are virtually no limits to the implementation of ideas at the Steyr Makerspace. There are various machines for woodworking, a CNC milling cutter, a laser cutter, a desktop vinyl cutter, a large number of electronic devices, a sandbox and 3D printers. All devices can be used independently after training and for a small monthly fee.

The Mini Makr Faire Steyr which just has been organised by the Steyr-Werke association for the second time, was dedicated to the worldwide maker idea of the innovative do-it-yourself style. In the Museum Arbeitswelt (working world), which also houses the Makerspace, the participating exhibits were supplemented by many exciting workshops during the weekend. Whether you wanted to experiment with 3D printers, robots or the laser cutter, try screen printing, build a hula hoop tire or make natural cosmetics by yourself – the mini fair was able to get visitors at all ages enthusiastic about technology.

A win-win situation

Sintratec supports the Steyr Makerspace with a Sintratec laser sintering machine. Laser sintering is a new technology with a lot of potential – so it’s just what the Steyr Makerspace was looking for. The supplied Sintratec Kit is ideal for entering the world of selective laser sintering and for research with the technology.

With its sponsorship, Sintratec ranks alongside big names: Kärcher, Microsoft and HP are co-sponsors. “We find it important and really great that the Makerspace is so popular and is able to get the well-deserved support. We are pleased to be part of such an innovative project. In addition, the exchange and networking is also valuable and always interesting for us – even as an established company,” says Gabor Koppanyi, Head of Marketing and Sales at Sintratec.

Sebastian Schuster, 3D specialist at Steyr-Werke, is also convinced by the cooperation: “Our partnership is symbiotic for both organisations, since many private persons, as well as many companies, come into contact with new technologies like laser sintering for the first time at the Stayr Makerspace. Lots of companies don’t know that entering the world of laser sintering can be affordable until they get to know the Sintratec Kit.