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Sketchfab Releases Virtual Reality Button in Their 3D Player – Saves Baby’s Life

You can now view Sketchfab’s 3D content in virtual reality, using the Google Cardboard. This new feature has already been used by surgeon at the Children’s Hospital in Miami last week, when it helped save the life of a baby born with an unusual heart an lung defect.

After a broken 3D printer prevented doctors to print a 3D model of baby Teegan’s heart, Dr. Juan Carlos Muniz came up with the idea to download models of her heart onto his iPhone using Sketchfab. Looking at the heart through Google Cardboard, helped the surgeons visualise of how to fix the complex defect. Dr. Remond Burke explained, he needed to be able to visualise it in context with her ribcage and other structures. “Sometimes that’s what makes the difference between life and death,” Burke said.

Image: CNN

Following the successful surgery, Teegan was taken off a ventilator and is already breathing on her own. The doctors expect her to fully recover and leave the hospital within the following two weeks.

3D Technology has helped Dr. Burke to perform several other surgeries on children, including the 5-year-old Mia and 4-year-old Adaenelie, who had both suffered from complex heart defects.

Following short video shows you how Sketchfab VR works using Google Cardboard:

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