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SLS4All: Open source SLS 3D printer now available

Long awaited, the first version of the open SLS4All project for the DIY construction of a selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer has finally been completed. The complete kit is available for 7,000 US dollars, although individual components can also be purchased separately at a lower price.

The SLS system has a 10-watt laser module with a wavelength of 450 nm from China and a high-quality galvanometer scanner. Two 200-watt halogen heating tubes heat the printing platform, while 200-watt silicone heating mats heat the powder bed and printing bed. The base frame consists of 2020 aluminum profiles and sheets with numerous CNC-milled special aluminum components – a cost factor.

The electronics include two in-house developments: The GATE1 board for galvo and temperature control and the ZERO1 for zero-crossing control, designed with EasyEDA. However, the PCB data and EasyEDA project links have not been published. A Radxa Rock Pi with a 7-inch touchscreen runs a customized Klipper version and its own control software.

The mechanical components can be viewed in Fusion 360 Live or downloaded as a STEP model. Despite the high price and the challenges of making many parts yourself, the completion of the SLS4All project is a significant step forward in the field of DIY SLS 3D printing.

Detailed information and the kit are available on the SLS4All website.

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