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SMARTTECH 3D scanner helps medical research agency

Thanks to the latest 3D technologies, medicine can gain a lot. In the last year, the Japanese research company Unitika Garments Technology, Ltd. purchased a 3D scanner from SMARTTECH to conduct research in the field of human body measurement.

Unitika Garments Technology, Ltd. is a medical research agency dealing with dimensional inspection and quality control of textile products. Among the task of the Unitika company there are also a verification of the hygiene level of the tested products, its chemical and bacteriological analysis, as well as the assessment of the product impact on the human body.

During of the project, the Unitika company encountered a problem related to the dimensioning of the daily level of legs swelling. The client wanted to verify the effectiveness of their compression socks and get to know their detailed impact on the body. It quickly turned out that traditional measurement methods do not fulfill their task. The dimensioning carried out with the calculation of water displacement turned out to be too imprecise due to the small size of the legs swelling.

Unitika has decided to purchase the optical metrology system of SMARTTECH – scan3Dmed. This metrologically certified device enables to obtain precise data in color by projecting strips of light on the measured object. Because of the measurement method the entire process is safe for skin. In addition, a large volume of the device (800 x 600 x 350 mm) allows to perform a precise dimensioning of the entire body – legs, arms, chest and face. The research company is also very pleased with the short scanning time (less than 0,7 seconds) because the rapid measurement reduces the effect of the respiratory system on the results.

During the research, the Japanese company also paid attention to the large amount of information obtained. Thanks to the saved source data, it is possible to conduct additional analyzes without the participation of volunteers, which reduces not only costs, but also time. You can read the case study under this link.

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