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Snapchat Bought 3D Scanning App Seene

Snapchat is an app for communication over your smartphone. In the last years the app has grown rapidly and has now over 100 Million active users per day. Now Snapchat has bought Seene, a company that’s specialises in a 3D scanning app.

Snapchat is a rapidly growing App, back in the beginning of 2014 the app had around 50 million active users per day. At the end of 2015 they had already around 110 million active users. Some experts say that the company is worth over 20 billiard dollar.

Seene is an app to take 3D images and was first published in 2013. With the app you can 3D scan different things with your smartphone – your phone only needs a standard camera. Therefore, they have developed a special algorithm to calculate the 3D objects out of the 2D pictures that are taken by the camera. Lately, they have developed an 3D face scanning algorithm. That’s the main difference to Googles project Tango, an smartphone that wants to use Tango needs a depth scanner built in the camera.

Yesterday it was announced that Snapchat has bought Seene. However, it’s not yet known for what value and for which conditions. It’s also not known what Snapchat will do with Seene. Different websites and web users are already speculating about that. It seems like the most realistic scenario that Snapchat will add features to its app to send 3D Pictures, Videos or to do something with virtual reality. Users of Seene also have to wait what happens with their app because it was not clear if Seene will be developed any more.

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