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Snapmaker introduces new Dual Extrusion 3D printing module for Snapmaker 2.0

Digital manufacturer Snapmaker has released a new Dual Extrusion 3D printing module for Snapmaker 2.0, which is currently available for pre-order with free shipping from the official Snapmaker store. 10+ Combo of Materials Dual Extrusion opens up a world of possibilities. A sophisticated print with fine details. A gadget that combines PVA and TPU. A two-tone trinket that your child is dying to have. The choice is yours.

The two separate nozzles can heat up to 300 °C, so you can play with a wider range of materials. Everyone knows how tedious removing support materials can be. But you can’t let that spoil the fun. Load up a spool of water-soluble PVA filament and watch your print emerge from the water as if it had already been processed. The same can be done with HIPS and Breakaway Support, with a little oil or without.

And since the Hot End can be removed in just 5 seconds, you can use engineered materials like PA-CF and PA-GF. Luban automatically detects the hot end you are using and provides the printing parameters for use.

Flawless extrusion, 20mm³/s flow rate and high print quality

What about print quality, you may ask. It has to do with the internal structure of the module. The 7.5:1 planetary gearbox transmits the power of the motor with a much higher torque, which allows us to use relatively small motors to achieve the required traction. Saving unnecessary weight in turn results in much less vibration of the die head with the same acceleration, maintaining the same printing precision as a single extrusion module.

The 68-tooth, 12-mm-diameter gears provide sufficient contact surfaces with the filament they draw in and exert a uniform force so that neither too much nor too little filament comes out of the die. In summary, the ingenious combination of stepper motor, planetary gears and two extrusion gears for each hot end results in flawless extrusion with a flow rate of 20 mm³/s and high-quality print results.

4-fan cooling system for heat sinks and prints

The second difficulty besides removing the fixture is removing filament debris from a clogged die. Hopefully, with the Dual Extrusion Module, you won’t have to deal with this for long. Each hot end has its own fan that blows much-needed wind from a blower, preventing your filament from melting prematurely in the heat sink, which inevitably leads to hot end clogging.

Another set of fans is located on the bottom right and left. They keep your nozzles and prints cool. Whether you use a bold overhang or ABS/PA, dive in head first; you can adjust the fan speed later.

Electronically controlled 3s hot end switch

Switching can be very time consuming with other dual extrusion printers. So how do 2 hot ends on one die head work in our Dual Extrusion Module? Snapmaker gives you an elegant and efficient way to switch with one motor. When your G-code tells the motor that it’s time to change the hot end, the motor asks the linear rail to do the heavy lifting. Then the hot end is changed and printing continues. This is done within 3 seconds and with a repeatability of 0.012 mm.

Compatibility with different nozzle sizes

To make printing even faster, you can adjust the settings for each nozzle size in Luban a little more. Print the shell at a slower speed with the 0.2 mm nozzle on the hot end so that it is not only stable, but also looks good from the outside. Print the filling with the hot end of the 0.6 or 0.8 mm nozzles as they are much faster. The touch screen also allows you to set some basic parameters during printing, such as print speed, temperature and flow rate, so you can freely experiment with the different nozzles.

Automatic leveling

Don’t worry if you’ve lost your calibration card. The proximity sensor in the module records data for each point from the first to the last point on your heating bed, which is then automatically processed by the controller. You don’t have to worry about calibrating the Z-height either. The optoelectronic switch does it for you.

Power loss recovery and filament run-out

The Dual Extrusion Module also supports recovery of lost power and filament leaks. Follow the steps on the touchscreen and recovery is automatic. If printing with only one nozzle, the active nozzle stops its operation as soon as a filament failure is detected, while the non-active nozzle does not interrupt the unit. If printing with both nozzles, the machine will shut down as soon as a filament failure is detected in one of the nozzles.

Pre-orders are currently available at Snapmaker’s official store. During the pre-order period, you can get the Dual Extrusion Module for $399, including free shipping via international air, instead of the MSRP, which is $599. If you purchase the Dual Extrusion Module between September 27 and 30, you can get it for 369 USD.

Find out more about Snapmaker at eu.snapmaker.com.

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