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SNL Creative and Iridia want to enable traceability of medical devices with 3D printing

US-based 3D printing specialist SNL Creative and Iridia, a pioneer in embedded authentication and traceability solutions, have announced a partnership aimed at transforming the medical device industry.

The partnership between SNL Creative and Iridia brings together cutting-edge technologies to address the pressing needs of the medical device industry. Iridia’s advanced data integration solutions are combined with SNL Creative’s precision 3D printing capabilities, providing significant benefits to manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients alike.

Iridia’s Embedded Molecular Data technology makes it possible to create cryptographic security layers that ensure the authenticity and integrity of medical devices. Each device is given a unique, verifiable identity. In addition, comprehensive metadata, including patient-specific information, can be embedded directly into the devices. This enables detailed traceability, allowing the origin and destination of the devices to be confirmed.

“Our partnership with Iridia represents a significant leap forward in medical device manufacturing,” said Shawn Zindroski, Founder and COO of SNL Creative. “By merging our precision 3D printing expertise with Iridia’s Embedded Molecular Data technology, we are setting new standards for device authenticity and traceability.”

SNL Creative brings its expertise in precision 3D printing to produce high-quality medical devices and components. It uses a variety of materials that are suitable for different medical applications and meet the highest safety and efficacy standards. Customized manufacturing solutions also ensure that specific medical standards and aesthetic requirements are met.

“The integration of our cryptographic molecular identity technology with SNL Creative’s manufacturing expertise marks a new era in medical device safety and reliability,” said Buck Watia, VP of Product and Corporate Development of Iridia. “Together, we are committed to providing healthcare providers and patients with the highest quality devices.”

The medical technology industry faces several critical challenges. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 8% of medical devices in circulation are counterfeit. In 2022, there were 3,202 medical device recalls, with the most serious recalls (Class I) increasing by 44% since 2003. Medical device-related problems are among the top ten safety concerns for patients.

This partnership provides a model for success by utilizing innovative technologies to improve safety and efficiency in medical technology and ultimately improve patient safety.

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