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Spider Dress – A Dress That Defends Itself

The Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht who specialises in 3D printed fashion, has introduced her latest creation, the Spider Dress.

December 25, 2014: Wipprecht’s futuristic designs combine fashion with technology in a way that involves the wearer’s biosignals. She was inspired by the territorial displays of arachnids for her latest creation. The Spider Dress 2.0 is a 3D printed outfit equipped with an Intel Edison chip that transforms biofeedback into a defensife mode by extending mechanical “arms” to protect the wearer’s personal space. Not only the wearer’s breath, but also the speed of people approaching are fed into the intuitive system to trigger a defensive reaction.

The structure of the dress was designed with Materilise’s Magics software and 3D printed using SLS technology. Wipprecht collaborated with Philip H. Wilck from Studio Palermo in Austria to create the upper part of the dress.

“If you wear a design that you partly control and it partly extends your agency through its autonomous actions, you start to question where you end and my system begins.”


January 9, 2015: Update – The Spider Dress 2.0 live at CES

The 3D printed Spider Dress attracts a lot of attention at the International CES in Las Vegas this week.

Designer Anouk Wipprecht in an interview with Make:

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