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Starfleet Innotech partners with startup Luyten to enter $19-M global 3D printing construction market

Starfleet Innotech, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Australia-based 3D concrete printing startup Luyten. The exclusive agreement will see Luyten’s revolutionary construction technologies utilized across SFIO’s real estate projects in the Philippines, towards the conglomerate’s goal of building a more sustainable, equitable future for community living.

As SFIO continues growing its portfolio of development projects through its real estate division, led by premiere wellness tourism brand Moraya, Luyten will play a pivotal role in championing Moraya’s mission of wellness through purposeful innovations.

According to Grand View Research, the global 3D printing construction market is estimated at roughly $19 million and is expected to reach almost $5 billion by 2030. Using their own 3D printing devices and proprietary mixtures, Luyten is able to complete construction projects with 60% less waste, 70% less production time, and at only 20% of the labor costs of traditional means. According to the startup, walls for a two-bedroom home can be printed in as little as two days. Optimized for quick deployment, Luyten’s devices can be mobilized and operational in hours, as opposed to the multiple days it takes to set up traditional machinery. Through their robotic systems, Luyten can remotely control their machinery from anywhere in the world. These innovations translate to more productive, and therefore more cost-effective, construction periods.

Over the next few years, Luyten will be providing the machinery and materials needed to augment SFIO’s real estate developments—an exclusive arrangement in the Philippines, where a majority of the Moraya developments will be placed. Under this agreement, SFIO will have exclusive distribution rights to Luyten’s devices in the Philippines and projects to sell at least fifty units of 3D concrete printing machinery to other developers and organizations over the next 12 months, following regulatory approvals.

“Our partnership with Luyten stems from our commitment to invest in the futures of the industries we operate in,” said Starfleet Innotech CEO Jeths Lacson. “Joining Moraya’s divisional ecosystem, Luyten will play a key role as an enabler for our various real estate initiatives. Their affordable, sustainable offerings will allow us to build exciting projects that champion both the new communities we hope to build, as well as the existing communities we hope to serve.”

In addition to augmenting Moraya’s current township developments, this partnership will see up to 500 low cost housing units constructed across the Philippines over the next two years. Through this exclusive agreement in the Philippines, SFIO will also be able to distribute Luyten’s machinery to local government units and nonprofit organizations seeking more affordable means to build quality, resilient homes.

About Starfleet Innotech, Inc.
Starfleet Innotech, Inc. (OTC: SFIO) is a global investment holding company focused on innovation through disruptive collaborations across its three key industries: Food and Beverage (F&B), Real Estate, and Technology. With a strong presence across New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the Philippines, SFIO makes strategic investments in high-growth businesses, building synergies across its diverse portfolio to provide maximum shareholder value.

About Luyten
Luyten is a Melbourne-based construction technology startup specializing in the design and development of 3D concrete printing machinery and premixes. Its mission is to bridge the technological gap in large-scale construction and manufacturing industries through the introduction of robust, cutting-edge 3D printing/additive technologies.

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