Home Manufacturer Start Up Omni Dynamics Is Seeking Investors Via Crowdfunding – Update

Start Up Omni Dynamics Is Seeking Investors Via Crowdfunding – Update

Omni Dynamics, the company behind the Strooder, will soon be seeking investments through crowd cube, a crowdfunding platform.

July 18th 2016 – The plastic filament maker, Strooder startet its initial funding on Kickstarter with huge success. Now the guys from Omni Dynamics start their first funding round on crowdcube.

OmniDynamics is breaking into the consumer 3D printing market to offer more versatility in 3D printing. OmniDynamics is focused on furthering the adoption of 3D printing through the development of hardware, supporting hardware and materials. OmniDynamics targets new entrants in the home giving access to 3D objects that can improve their ‘world’ in an environmentally sustainable way. OmniDynamics is working with schools to enable every child to imaginatively learn about crucial STEAM subjects through the use of 3D printing. OmniDynamics targets makerspaces to help offer services to the general public to create truly versatile 3D printing solutions for all.

You can state your interest in investing on the homepage of Omni Dynamics.


August 11th 2016 – Update: CrowdCube campaign is online

Now you can support OmniDynamics on CrowdCube with your pledge. Its the second time the company turns to crowdfunding since 2014. So head over to the crowdfunding platform to support the 3D printing start up.