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STL Twister: Simple tool for deforming 3D print models

A new browser-based tool called STL Twister makes it easy to twist and deform STL files. The software developed by Andrew Sink is freely accessible and offers an intuitive user interface.

By default, STL Twister loads a 3D model of a dwarf on which users can test the functions. The tool offers three deformation levels: low, medium and high. In the low level, the dwarf’s head can be rotated slightly, while in the high level, the entire body can be twisted considerably.

In addition to deformation, the tool also allows the model to be rotated in all three spatial axes. This allows the twisting to be precisely aligned. Users can upload and edit their own STL files. After editing, the deformed model can be exported as a new STL file.

The tool offers creative possibilities for 3D printing projects without the need for extensive knowledge of 3D modelling software. It could be particularly interesting for artistic applications or for creating animations using stop-motion technology.

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