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Stork Receives Leg Braces 3D Printed by Mass Portal

We have reported on quite a few birds that were given a second chance thanks to 3D printing technology, including toucan Grecia  and parrot Gigi, who both received 3D printed beaks. Now, Latvian 3D printer manufacturer Mass Portal has been able to help a stork walk again by 3D printing custom leg orthoses. 

The stork found stuck between threads and ropes had suffered tremendously and wasn’t able to walk, as his left food was deformed while the right one was injured to a point it could not function anymore. While the rescuers have tried many therapy solutions, none was really working before they turned to 3D printer manufacturer Mass Portal in order to create custom orthoses for the bird.

As they had to be strong, durable and flexible at the same time to mimic the behaviour of his natural legs, the orthoses were printed from NinjaTek material. After several adaptions, they now fit the stork perfectly and allow him to walk again as Mass Portal explains: “It fits perfectly with small sponge assistant and allows stork to put weight on his foot as well as keep his balance without causing much pain. He’s trying to walk and stand on it more often, supports on orthosis and rests the other leg.”


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